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Are you about to commit to a tenancy agreement?  Do you wish you had more information before you sign on the dotted line? How responsive is the landlord/letting agent at resolving tenant issues? How close is the property to local amenities? How much are the dreaded ‘Admin’ Fees?  Well now you can get this information from the best possible sources – previous tenants!

How’s Your House works similarly to Trip Advisor; instead of writing reviews on hotels, our users write them on the properties they have rented. So if you rent currently or have rented previously, please share your experience with us.

To get started simply log into the site and click the ‘Review’ button above.  The entire process should take around 10 minutes so let’s make renting fair together by telling everyone, How’s Your House?

How it works

A few minutes of your time, that’s all we ask!

Are you a tenant or have you been a tenant?

If you are currently renting or have recently rented a property we would love to hear about your experience, good or bad; use the review button below the search area on our homepage to write a review on the property you rented. This will allow you to search our database, if the property has already been added you can leave your review. If you are the first person to review the property we will ask you to add the property to our database by entering a few extra details before writing your review. The whole process should take no more than 10 – 15 minutes depending on how much additional information you choose to give us.

If the property is already in our database we would be grateful if you would check the details currently held and if you notice any errors or anomalies please let us know via the Contact Us section of the site. It is important that we keep property details up to date.  As this site is solely a tool to help those looking to rent a property make an informed decision before they sign a lease agreement we ask that you give your honest opinion based on your own experience.

Looking for a rental property? 

If you are looking for a property to rent you can use our Search function to see if a previous tenant has already left a review.  These reviews should help you to make an informed decision about the property before you sign a lease agreement.  If you do go ahead and lease a property all we ask is that you leave a review to help others decide if it might be the right property for them.

How’s Your House is a completely independent, impartial resource.


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